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Nipomo Little League Suspends Junior Division For 2018 Season

1/5/18   **Urgent Notice**

2018 NLL Board of Directors voted 1/4/18 to suspend the 2018 Junior Division program.  This decision was based on lack of support and low registration numbers for the 2018 season.  Nipomo Little League will continue to educate our existing members on the importance of a Juniors Division with hopes to bring the Juniors program back in future years.  All league age 13-14 yr old players will need to register with Five Cities Babe Ruth in Arroyo Grande if they choose to play Baseball for this coming season.  All registered players for the Juniors Division will be refunded entirely.

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1-16-18 Audio Voicemail Nipomo Little League Last Regular Fee Registration Notice

Please listen to our 1-16-18 audio voicemail message to all unregistered players for the 2018 season. .

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